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  • Best Underdog Available!

    Even though I have the 6GB version (EAN 4718017104913), most points remain valid for this 4GB version as well (see GSMArena for detailed specs of different versions):

    +++ Lineage OS (that also means also unlockable and rootable)
    +++ Dual SIM AND dedicated microSD slot
    ++ taller than Full HD (nice for reading)
    ++ big battery 5Ah
    ++ supports Galileo (at least with LineageOS)
    ++ many supported LTE bands (regarding Europe/Germany)
    ++ reasonably small size (no phablets anymore, please)
    + 3/4/6GB RAM (go for 6GB, it's worth it)
    + 32/64GB flash
    + no crappy back made of glass

    I did a lot of research based on all devices available for Lineage OS (several hundreds actually!) and nothing was really fiiting perfectly- in the end there were very few phones left:

    Galaxy A5 2017, Moto Z Play, Xperia Z5 Dual, Xperia Z3+ dual, BQ Aquaris M5 and BQ Aquaris X5+

    ... but then I stumbled over this:

    Asus ZenFone Max Pro ZB602KL 6GB/64GB Dual Sim
    aka ZB602KL, X00TD, EAN 4718017104913

    It has all the features I want/need and better:
    7 LTE bands (of which 5 are supported in Germany)
    6GB RAM
    1080 x 2160 pixels (thus bigger than FHD)
    fast 8xCPU (Geekbench SC 1336, MC 4687, really fast - zipping 500MB took only a few seconds)

    ...and last but not least: A HUGE battery with 5000mAh! The battery life is as promised - GeekBench scored 7432 which is better than most tablets (basically I expect it to charge every two or even 3 days, despite intensive usage), Screen On Time (SOT) can be expected around 12h.

    Even though I wanted a much narrower phone originally, I am very glad with it - it has good grip and be handled with one hand.

    Fun fact: It is much better than most phones but did cost only 220€. A charger, cable and even a simple case were included.

    PS: An update for Android 9 aka Pie has been already released as beta, so it is up to date (still, personally I'd prefer LOS).
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