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  • DVD RAM, die unterschaetzte Loesung als externer …

    DVD RAM, die unterschaetzte Loesung als externer Datenspeicher. Das Produkt ist sehr gut, habe keine Fehler entdecken koennen. Dass ich versehentlich mit Cardridge gekauft habe, obwohl ich nur fuer das PC-Laufwerk was wollte, das treibt den Preis natuerlich hoch. Jedenfalls ein gutes, einwandfrei funtionierendes Speicherprodukt.

    Fuer Linux Ubuntu gibt es uebrigens eine brauchbare Anleitung

    DVD-RAM is very old so there is no new info. Old and underestimated. DVD-RAM on Ubuntu Linux is easy. I use Ubuntu 16.10 with XFCE4 but that does not matter at all.

    Why DVD-RAM? Because it is more reliable and more stable archiving data. See Wikipedia for details on DVD-RAM.

    However, DVD-RAM is rather an external drive than a DVD to write on. Not all drives can write and read. However, most modern Laptop and Computer optical drives can.

    Careful DVD-RAM is slow by modern means. Dont force the mount and umount to break.

    We have to format it as UDF file system. This is the appropriate FS for the DVD-RAM I do not quote the details here, use duckduckgo.com

    Know your CD-Writer Mount a CD, with mount watch out for the name. Like devsr0.

    Take the DVD-RAM out of the cartridge if necessary, put it in your drive and reboot.


    sudo apt-get install udftools
    sudo apt-get install dvd+rw-tools

    Make a mount point

    sudo mkdir mntdvdram0

    and adapt the user rights etc. You need to adapt the rights again for the mounted DVD-RAM different than vfat floppy or external drive.

    Adapt the fstab

    sudo vim etcfstab

    For automatic mount enter a new line like

    devsr0 mntdvdram0 auto user,users,rw,auto,exec,utf8 0 0

    The first auto may better be udf. The second auto depends on you Try noauto if the boot process hangs.

    Format the DVD-RAM

    sudo mkudffs --media-typedvdram devsr0

    The default options for mkudffs probably match your needs. Otherwise man mkudffs !

    Mount the DVD-RAM

    mount devsr0

    should do it, otherwise use as sudo mount devsr0. With the fstab entry it will be found.

    When you ask your CLI now with mount it should answer something like

    devsr0 on mntdvdram0 type udf rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,utf8,usermyname

    Now again adapt the access rights for the mounted! drive

    sudo chown myname mntdvdram0
    sudo chmod u+rwx mntdvdram0

    Test your access rights

    mkdir mntdvdram0mydirectory

    without sudo it should work. Otherwise check the rights.

    Do a reboot now or restart all relevant services.

    So now we have

    installed the tools
    prepared to mount
    formatted the DVD-RAM
    mounted it in the file system
    adapted the user access

    It shall be available in the file manager like a normal drive. Watch out for mntdvdram0 and in Nemo create a bookmark.

    Unmounting takes time because of write completion. It is done from CLI or try to find a way in your browser.
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